“From what Mary tells me, today was a success and you were fantastic to work with. Thanks so much for making it happen, particularly with all the last-minute changes.”

Adam Aronson - Director, Business Development | DenMat

“Cindy…can we keep you FOREVER???  Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful contribution and the fabulous photos!”

Todd Ellertson - Editor | Honduras This Week

“Cindy continues to be one of the most reliable and professional individuals we have had the pleasure to work with at News Minute Network Inc.  From her ability to deliver a client message precisely and with such warmth and empathy, to her tremendous writing and production skills, Cindy exhibits high standards both in this industry and as a person.”

Miguel Potenciano - VP/Head of Production | News Minute Network

“Cindy has greatly assisted us on many fronts due to her limitless expertise as a broadcast journalist.  A huge benefit of working with Cindy is the variety of services she provides.  We use it all – from full production to preparation of broadcast scripts.  In today’s fast-paced environment and with the need to turn projects around quickly, Cindy certainly delivers.”

Christine Martysiewicz - Director of Public Relations | RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada

“The script is amazing!!  Thanks Cindy for a top-notch delivery.  Such talent!!”

Stephanie Zavitz - Human Resources | Ontario Power Generation

“Thanks so much Cindy.  I appreciate the great job you did for us!”

Keith Silverberg - President | Suntastic Corporate Travel Services

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